Why join the PTA?

PTA is a membership association. We rely on our members to contribute their time and skills to school communities from coast to coast and overseas, and where U.S. military families are stationed. Every individual who joins PTA is giving something not only to his or her child but also to every child. Imagine how strong our community will be if every parent, community member, and business leader got involved in PTA!


There are many reasons to join Huffman PTA



  • The only way to access the Huffman Family Directory is by being a PTA member. This online published directory will have an app for your smart phone this year making it easier to reach your children's friends and other Huffman families.
  • The Huffman PTA funds many enrichment activities.  To support those activities and to have a voice in which ones are chosen, you need to be a voting member of the PTA. The PTA members raise the money and only members can decide how it’s spent.
  • More PTA members allow us to do more things to impact our school and community in a positive manner.







But most importantly - When YOU join PTA, it shows that YOU appreciate and support the partnership between school and home necessary to FULLY educate a child. It makes a statement to your child(ren) that you are interested in their education.


Click here to join the Huffman PTA.