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  • Website – Plano Independent School District
  • Calendar – PISD Calendar
  • Dress Code – PISD Dress Code.
  • eNews – Receive school and district e-newsletters sent directly to your personal e-mail.
  • ePay – Pay online for the PASAR after-school program.
  • Grading and Attendance – PISD Grading and Attendance Policies.
  • Library Resources – Access our school libraries and district and professional resources, including millions of online educational streamed videos.
  • Menus – Breakfast and lunch menus.
  • New to Plano – Get in top condition for the pursuit of excellence awaiting you and your family in the Plano Independent School District. This site will help you on your way.
  • Parent Viewer – View your students’ grades and attendance records in real time.
  • PASAR – PISD After School Program.
  • PayPAMS – Pay online for your student’s meals, fare busing and early childhood tuition.
  • Telephone Directory – Reach your child’s teachers and administrators quickly with this searchable directory.
  • Volunteer Application – Sign up to volunteer at your child’s school, using this required application.


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