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An Organized Homework Routine


How do you get your kids to do their homework? It’s a question your parents were asking themselves when you had homework to complete. You still have homework even today but we just call it overtime, taking work home or volunteering. So how do you get yourself motivated to tackle your projects at home? I bet, if you think about it, you’ll find you have some type of routine you follow.


A routine prepares your mind for the task ahead of you. A routine puts you into the right frame of mind for the job. A routine helps you focus your attention. It can be as simple as getting something to drink before sitting down to work.


What type of routine can your kids have for doing their homework? Following these five easy steps, your kids can teach their minds and bodies that it’s time to tackle the homework.


  1. Hang Up Hang up anything from school i.e. backpack, clothes, jacket, hat, purse, etc.
  2. Put Away Put leftover food in the refrigerator and dirty dishes in the dishwasher. Put dirty clothes in the hamper.
  3. Sign Letters Give any notices or letters to your parents for them to read and sign before storing back in your backpack
  4. Snack & Break This is so very important because it’s really hard to think with a growling stomach. And, just as we need breaks after long meetings, your kids need a break after school. Even 15 minutes running around outside, kicking the soccer ball, shooting hoops or visiting with you over a snack will refresh their brains.
  5. Complete Homework Now they are ready and prepared to complete their homework.Tackle homework focusing on the shortest or easiest assignment first. This helps you quickly check items off your list giving you momentum to keep moving. And because we fill the time we have, it will ensure a lengthy assignment doesn’t take up all the time available for homework.


And you're done! When you help your kids set a routine, they already know where to start and can jump right in while taking a decision out of the process eliminating the hemming and hawing about where to start.


Article written by:

Leticia Pfieffer

Styled & Organized Living